Graham has been a columnistfor The Daily Mail

since retiring from refereeing in May 2007.

He provides a calm and rational analysis of events under his ‘Official Line’ banner in both the paper and online. Often passionate, always accurate, Graham provides a unique insight and totally different perspective on the major controversies in football.

Graham’s autobiography, SEEING RED, was first published as a hardback in August 2007, shortly after his retirement. It was a Sunday Times bestseller and the hardback alone sold more copies than any other refereeing book. The paperback followed in the summer of 2008 and is still available – just click on the link below to order your copy.

Now Graham’s eagerly awaited second book, GEOFF HURST AND THE HAND OF GOD, has been published in hardback. In it Graham looks at the biggest controversies in World football; situations which are repeated up and down the country week after week. It provides a real insight into the laws of the game and lifts the lid on controversies that people can still remember but not comprehend and is well timed in the build up to the FIFA World Cup Finals in South Africa.