Graham is very proud to support one
National and one local charity which both
mean a lot to him.

Sparks is the children’s medical research charity. Their sole remit is to fund research across the whole spectrum of paediatric medicine, and their goal is for all babies to be born healthy and stayhealthy. Every day 70 babies are born in the UK with a life-threatening condition or an illness that will affect them and their families for life. Sparks aims to reduce this statistic so all children have the chance of a healthy future. Imagine being told that your child has cancer, imagine your child having damaged lungs or imagine your child facing life in a wheelchair. Imagine the difference you can make by supporting Sparks.

Graham is a Patron of his locally based Charity which provides care at home for seriously ill patients all across the Chilterns. In 2008 he ran the London Marathon raising over £13,000, and today continues his support by attending fund raising dinners to raise more money for this wonderful charity.